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Gianfranco DalmassoGianfranco Dalmasso

Gianfranco Dalmasso, former Full Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Bergamo, is now visiting Professor in the same University. His field of research is contemporary French thought. He introduced the works of Jacques Derrida into Italy by translating The Voice and the Phenomenon (Jaca Book, 1968, second edition 1997) and Of Grammatology (Jaca Book, 1969, second edition 1998) and by editing several other writings of Derrida. His interest moved from the questions of the subject of discourse and of the genesis of meaning within the debate about nihilism to the question of the structure of rationality in relation to ethics in the Greek, in the Augustinian and, recently, in the Hegelian thinking.
Among the works of his: The Return of Tragedy: Being and the Unconscious in Nietzsche and Freud (Franco Angeli, 1985); Truth in Actual: The Salvation of Experience in Neo-platonism (Jaca Book, 1995); Who says I: Rationality and Nihilism (Jaca Book, 2005); Hegel, Probably: The Movement of the True (Jaca Book, 2015). He is member of the Ph. D. Faculty of Philosophy in the Scuola Normale Superiore and member of the scientific boards of several philosophical reviews. He is the co-editor of ‘Phasis. European Journal of Philosophy’ and Honorary President of the Italian Society of Theoretical Philosophy.

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